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Digital CMS User Guide available for download for PDF viewing

In lieu of producing printed versions of our CMS User Guide, we have put together digital versions for viewing offline. You can download a PDF version for general viewing on other devices and platforms.

  • Download the PDF (8MB)

Support Centre news and updates

  • New Feature: Pages within Main Menu are now managed differently. Refer to Page Structure to learn how structures and pages are now controlled.
  • Feature Update: The Temando shipping fulfillment system has been updated so that preparing orders for shipping quotes is now easier than before.
  • New Feature for online shops: Create price breaks (volume/bulk purchase discounts) for any product. See the Products page section Pricing for information.
  • New Feature for online shops: Managing Cross Sell Links within large inventories is now easier by allowing you to type a category or product name for fast search. This updates the previous system where a drop-down list of products or categories was displayed only.
  • New Feature for online shops: Product Attributes. The Product Attributes feature allows you to label your shop products with additional characteristics such as brand, size or colour, by attaching tags or ‘keywords’ to products. Defining special characteristics of products makes it easier for your customers to search for, filter, and compare the products they want to buy. Think of Product Attributes functionality as printed labels/tags hanging from items in a retail store. Learn more about this new feature.
  • New Section has been added explaining the Insert Module Content feature. Build powerful landing pages that showcase products or services; display image galleries on any page and insert blog articles into product pages to further promote a product. Learn more about this feature.
  • Most articles now include images to better help you find your way around. Look out for this icon:  Click these icons when you see them

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