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Help Backup/Restore Your Products

Backup/Restore Your Products

Taking control of your own shop data!

Your shop database is backed up by our servers automatically so that in the unlikely event of catastrophic failure your shop product information can be recovered. 

However, server backup comes with an important disclaimer. It is standard commercial practice to take ownership of your company’s data backups rather than relying on 3rd parties to backup your data for you. 

Although we provide multiple redundancy at all server levels, we still recommend that you make your own backups - both onsite and off - just in case.  

This section explains how to export your “CSV” data file and how to recover a backup.

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  1. Creating a Backup of My Shop Products
  2. Recovering a Backup of My Shop products


  1. Can I change the name of the columns in the csv file?

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Create a backup of My Shop Products

Tip: What gets backed-up?

You can create a backup of your shop but it will only save product details (not category details). Keep the content within your category pages backed-up to separate text documents saved to your computer or back-up disc/s.

You can make a voluntary backup of your product inventory before you make extensive changes to it.  This ensures that you can revert to a recent version of your catalogue in the event that you make a lot of mistakes.

  1. Go to My Shop > click the Backup/Restore navigation tab
  2. Enter a name for the catalogue backup in the Name field, e.g. 'My catalogue edits May 12 2014'.  
  3. Click the Backup Catalogue button.


Restore a Backup of My Shop Products

Tip: Off-site backups

Although we provide backup services within a multiple-redundancy server environment, we still advise clients to create their own shop data backups and to make copies of those backups for keeping off-site.

Why go to the extra trouble? Because although unlikely, data is vulnerable no matter where it is stored, or by whom. If you make your own backups you can also retrieve those backups quickly without needing to contact us (although we are always available to assist).

Treat backups with respect: one local, one off-site and one in the "cloud" (i.e. via your website Dashboard as described on this page).

You can recover a backup of your product inventory in the event that you have made a lot of changes that you do not wish to keep.

  1. Go to My Shop click the Backup/Restore navigation tab
  2. Select the backup version that you wish to return to from the available drop-down menu list 
  3. Click Recover Catalogue


Can I change the name of the columns in the csv file?

It is absolutely essential that you do not change the name of the columns in the csv. The Site Builder imports data by matching field names between what already exists on the website and what is in the csv. Different column names will cause an error to result. Check the explanation of field names in the article Your Shop Data CSV File.

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