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Fulfillment services allow you to manage your customer order shipments from package selection to carrier selection, through to carrier pickup from your warehouse. To achieve this, the Temando shipping and order fulfillment system is integrated with your website CMS.

Temando integrates with your My Shop > Orders section. Once a Temando account is created you are then able to obtain shipping quotes for all customer orders, and select freight options based on the fastest or cheapest method of delivery.

Temando allows you to optimise package types and sizes before obtaining live on-screen quotes from your preferred carrier/s. From the quotes provided you can then decide which freight option is most appropriate for each shipment; this process alone can save you significant freight costs.

Once you have chosen your carrier/s for each shipment, Temando will book your freight pickups and notify your customers that their order is on its way. You can access Temando at any time or choose to employ your own freight booking system and not use Temando at all - the choice is always yours.

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  1. Setting up Temando
  2. Preferences
  3. Carriers
  4. Nominate Warehouse Location

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Setting up Temando

To use the Temando freight booking system you must first create a Temando account or link to your existing Temando account. Once your Temando account is activated you must then configure Temando from the Preferences and Fulfillment Services tab on your Dashboard. Finally, you provide a warehouse location for carriers to collect orders from.


Create a new Temando account:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Preferences > Fulfillment Services 
  2. If you don’t already have a Temando account, click the hyperlink Sign Up located within the introduction text towards the top of the screen.
  3. Once you have completed each sign-up field, click the Sign-Up button.

Link an existing Temando account

  1. Go to Dashboard > Preferences > Fulfillment Services
  2. Within the Credentials section, enter your Username and Client ID then click the Save Preferences button.

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  • Insurance: Insurance can be applied to all orders or switched off entirely. Insurance is charged at 1.1% of total order value which is in keeping with most carrier insurance rates of ~$1 per $100 goods value.
    • Mandatory: Adds a 1.1% insurance value to all orders, with the insurance value displayed within the shipping quotes screen.
    • Disabled: Removes insurance from all orders.
  • Carbon Offset: Add a 1.1% carbon offset value to all orders.
    • Mandatory: Adds a 1.1% carbon offset value to all orders, with the offset value displayed within the shipping quotes screen.
    • Disabled: Removes carbon offset from all orders.
  • Printed Label: Select Plain Paper or Thermal depending on your warehouse printer type.


Packaging values are provided for instances where a shop product’s Shipping & Handling information has not been entered via Dashboard > My Shop > select product.

  • The following values can be amended, if necessary, during the final order fulfillment process. All fields are mandatory.
  • Packaging: Select a suitable default package to accommodate the majority of your inventory items.
  • Fragile: Decide whether to mark packages as fragile. 
  • Weight: A typical (or minimum) default weight for products.
  • Length: Enter a minimum weight as default.
  • Width: Enter a minimum width as default.
  • Height: Enter a minimum height as default.
  1. Click the Save Preferences button to save changes.

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Choosing Carriers

Temando can be configured to only provide shipping quotes from preferred carriers or to ignore quotes from carriers you prefer not to deal with. There are two primary ways to set up carriers: to Include or Exclude the carriers that you nominate from the checkbox selections. 

We recommend that you investigate carriers that service your local area rather than selecting as many carriers as possible from the provided list. This will speed up the quotation data returned by temando. 

Volume is generated from the values entered into the height / length / depth fields of each product. See the products page and section, Shipping & Tax.

  • Use shipping defined per product: When entering products into your shop, you have the option of setting a shipping rate for that particular product. Placing a tick in this box would apply the individual shipping charges of each product. See the products page and section, Shipping & Tax
  1. Click the Save Preferences button when finished.
  • IMPORTANT: If you elect to ship via Australia Post you must enter physical dimensions for each product. The same applies for Temando Shipping fulfillment. See the Products page, Shipping & Tax section.

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Nominate Warehouse Location

Having set up Temando you now determine the location of your warehouse.

  1. Go to Preferences > Shipping & Handling.
  2. Click the Fulfillment by Temando radio button.
  3. Select a suitable Pricing Method from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Save Preferences button.

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