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Product Attributes

Allow shoppers to quickly find the products they’re looking for

The Product Attributes feature allows you to label your shop products with additional characteristics such as brand, size or colour, by attaching tags or ‘keywords’ to products. 

Defining special characteristics of products makes it easier for your customers to search for, filter, and compare the products they want to buy. Think of Product Attributes functionality as printed labels/tags hanging from items in a retail store.

Once activated, your shop displays a column listing the attributes applicable to the products within the category being displayed. The number of products included within each attribute is displayed to shoppers within parenthesis, and each listed attribute also features a checkbox for shoppers to select to refine their search.

  • To display a column of attributes in your shop for customers to use, we may have to enable the functionality on your website if it wasn’t incorporated into your website’s original design and build. Please contact your web designer or sales consultant for clarification.

On this page

  1. Create Attribute Sets
  2. Create Attribute Values
  3. Assign products to attributes
  4. Front-end functionality (putting attributes to work)


Screen illustrations

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Create Attribute Sets

Building attributes is a three-step process. First create Attribute Sets such as brand, size or colour before assigning values to each Attribute Set such as ‘Red’, ‘White’, ‘Blue’ (for a colour Attribute Set). Finally, assign attributes to products.

To create Attribute Sets:

  1. Go to Dashboard > My Shop > Attributes
  2. Click the + Create Attribute Set button. On the resulting screen enter the following information:
    • Attribute Name: This is displayed as the Attribute Set title, e.g. colour, size, brand, etc. Can be letters or numbers including spaces.
    • Pos: Enter a numerical value to determine the position that the Attribute Set is displayed within the attributes column list in your shop. Lower values are the lightest weight and display towards the top of a list.
    • Display in product view: Determines whether Attribute Sets are displayed on a product page; select Yes to display, No to hide.
    • Searchable: Determines whether the values within the Attribute Set are included within a shopper’s product search; select Yes to include, No to exclude.
  3. Click Save New Attribute to save
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add as many Attribute Sets as required 

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Create/Edit Attribute Values

With Attribute Sets created, values must be created within each set. To create or edit an existing value:

  1. Go to Dashboard > My Shop > Attributes
  2. Click on the Cog button located next to the corresponding attribute set you wish to add values to, then select Edit Attribute Values from the resulting drop-down menu list 
  3. Enter a value into the text input field before clicking the + Add New Value button. The value can include letters, numbers, characters and spaces.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add values to each Attribute Set 
  • As you add values, each will appear within an icon list that displays the value and the number of products to which the value is assigned.
  • To change a value’s position within your shop’s attributes column display, simply drag and drop an attribute to your preferred list position (left-most values will display towards the top of an attribute group in your shop). N.B. drag and drop is enabled after you have clicked out of the Attribute Set and back in again.
  • To delete an attribute, first select it (the number of products assigned to the value will transform into a Cog button) before selecting the Delete Attribute option.
  • To rename a value, hover over the value's icon box to activate the Cog button, and select the Rename option from the cog's drop-down menu list.

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Assign products to attributes

Once you have created Attribute Sets and Attribute Values within those sets, you now assign Attribute Values to products.

  1. Go to Dashboard > My Shop
  2. Select a product which you want to assign an attribute value
  3. Click the product’s Attributes navigation tab
  4. Each of the Attribute Sets you have created, and the values within each set, are displayed. Select one or more checkboxes applicable to the product.
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 to assign Product Attributes to additional products 

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End-user functionality

Once attribute values have been set up and assigned to products, your shoppers will be presented with a dedicated column that lists the Attribute Sets associated with products within the shop category being viewed.

Within each Attribute Set displayed (e.g. Colour, Size, Brand, etc.) shoppers will see each set’s list of values (e.g. Red, Green, Blue; Small, Medium, Large, etc.) with a checkbox beside each value. To refine their search, users simply select the value of interest to them, and the page will instantly refresh with the products to which values are assigned 

To display product attributes, your website’s shop page templates may need to have product attributes enabled before product attribute functionality can be displayed to shoppers. If in doubt contact your web designer or sales consultant for more information.

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