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Temando Shipping Fulfillment

Temando is a shipping and order fulfillment system that is integrated with your My Shop > Orders section. Once a Temando account is created you are then able to obtain shipping quotes for all customer orders, and select freight options based on the fastest or cheapest method of delivery.

Temando allows you to optimise package types and sizes before obtaining live on-screen quotes from your preferred carrier/s. From the quotes provided you can then decide which freight option is most appropriate for each shipment; this process alone can save you significant freight costs. Once you have chosen your carrier/s for each shipment, Temando will book your freight pickups and notify your customers that their order is on its way.

You can access Temando at any time or choose to employ your own freight booking system and not use Temando at all - the choice is always yours.

On this page

  1. Getting Started: Setting Up Temando
  2. Introduction
  3. Preparing For Shipping Quotes
  4. Prepare Packages For Shipment
  5. Choose a Freight Carrier
  6. Book a Shipment Pickup
  7. Shipping Manifests

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Getting Started: Setting up Temando

To use the Temando freight booking system you must first create a Temando account or link to your existing Temando account. Once your Temando account is activated you must then configure Temando from Dashboard > Preferences > Fulfillment Services.

With your account set up, you now activate Temando and nominate a warehouse location for carrier pick-ups.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Preferences > Shipping & Handling
  2. Within Shipping Methods, click the Fulfillment by Temando radio button and select your preferred Pricing Method
  3. Complete the address information within the Warehouse Information region.
  4. Click the Save Preferences button.

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The Temando fulfillment pages are spread across 4 navigation tabs located at the left of the screen, Details, Packages, Quotes, Booking. The default tab that first appears once you enter from the Orders page depends on whether or not Temando has enough shipping and packaging information collated from the data you entered into each My Shop product’s Shipping & Handling section.

If your shop product Shipping & Handling data is blank for an ordered product, Temando will use the default packaging value set in Preferences > Fulfillment Services > Preferences.

In short, the fulfillment process is as follows: 

  1. Prepare for shipping quotes by confirming shipping info (weight, dimensions and packaging).
  2. Obtain shipping quotes and select a carrier to collect the order.
  3. Book the selected carrier and notify customer of shipment.

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Preparing for shipping quotes

The Temando shipping aggregator is accessed via the Orders screen after you click on a customer order.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Orders
  2. Select an order you wish to obtain freight quotes for and/or to book a freight pick. To do this, select an order’s corresponding Cog button and choose Fulfillment from the menu list. The order will now open within the Temando Fulfillment tab.

The following sections describe the purpose of each of the 4 navigation tabs within Temando Fulfillment.


If necessary, click the Edit icon within the Destination window to update a shipping address before continuing with the fulfillment process. Click the Map icon to view the destination address in Google Maps™.

If viewing an order’s fulfillment for the first time, click the Packing - Next » button, otherwise select any one of the 3 fulfillment navigation tabs to jump directly to the different stages of fulfillment.

  • The system will not allow you to view Quotes or Booking if you are yet to assign shipping cartons to an order (via the Packages navigation tab).


Typically the default screen for new orders, this screen determines the final shipment packaging of each line item, i.e. bulkier items into their own shipping carton, whereas smaller items may ship inside a pre-determined size of satchel or carton. 

If you have taken time to enter Shipping & Handling data into every product within your shop and you have nominated a default package type for each product, the system will automatically place line items into relevant shipping (package) types. From there you can edit packaging (cartons, boxes, satchels, etc.) to suit the order.

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Prepare packages for shipment

Temando allows you to specify any number of packages and packaging types for each customer order depending on the packaging preferences set within Preferences > Fulfillment Services > Preferences > Packaging.

To prepare packages for shipping quotation:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Orders > select Fulfillment via an order’s Cog button > Packages
  2. An order displays by line item together with any accompanying product weight/dimensions/packaging information (entered via a product’s Shipping & Handling tab within My Shop). Otherwise these fields will display blank (except for the PACKAGING column which will display the default packaging type set up within Preferences > Fulfillment Services > Preferences > Packaging).
  3. Beneath an order’s line items, select a shipping package type from the drop-down menu. Make any necessary amendments to the order (e.g. a customer has asked to cancel or amend a line item after their order was placed). When ready to proceed click the + Add Package button.
  4. The customer’s order now appears in the Packages to Ship section at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Within this section you have the option of manually entering the order’s packaging information by amending the shipping carton values. You can also make final changes to an order if necessary be removing line items from a package. If you wish to start over, click the Cog button and select Delete.
  6. Click the ^ Save Changes button to save shipping data for later or click Get Shipping Quotes - Next » to obtain a shipping quote.


The freight carriers displayed depend on the preferences you created within Preferences > Fulfillment Services > Preferences > Carriers

Quotations displayed are done so in real-time. Click the Refresh Quotes button if you have returned to this screen after a period of time. This ensures that quotes are accurate at the time you book the order’s pickup.

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Choose a Freight Carrier

The volume of carrier quotes displayed will depend on the number of preferred carriers you specified in Dashboard > Preferences > Fulfillment Services > Carriers tab.

  • To obtain shipping quotes you must first have finalised shipping data from the previous step, Packages.
  1. Within the Quotes navigation tab, Temando displays a list of all carriers who returned an automated quote based on the shipment parameters you specified in the Packages tab. 
  2. The Notes column will displays the fastest and cheapest quotes.
  • Click the Refresh Quotes button if you have returned to this screen after a period of time. This ensures that quotes are accurate at the time you book the order’s pickup.
  1. Select a carrier for the shipment and click the Choose button. A confirmation Booking screen will now display with a review of the shipment’s details.


The Booking tab is only displayed after you have selected a carrier for an order per the above steps. From here you can determine the pick up date for the carrier (useful if you have specific days of the week for carriers to collect packages, or to stagger pick-ups for large warehouse operations). Additional delivery information and an automated email notice for the customer, can be entered here.

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Book a Shipment Pick Up

  • To book a pick up you must continue from the previous step, Packages.

Having selected a carrier for an order, the Booking page is displayed with the Selected Quote information up top. 

  1. Go to Dashboard > Orders > select Fulfillment via an order’s Cog button > complete steps as previously described > Booking
  2. Select a Pick-up Date by selecting an A.S.A.P. or Schedule a time for pickup to specify a collection date and time (morning or afternoon) via the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter additional Delivery Information to be printed on a consignment note or booking sheet. This field will populate with instructions if a customer entered them at checkout. 
  4. Compose an optional Customer Notification message that will be emailed to the customer after you click the Book Now button.
  5. Once satisfied with the information, click the Book Now button to book the pick up. A successful booking will now display a Booking Request ID and Consignment Number. The FULFILLMENT STATUS box towards the top of the screen will now display Booked.

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Shipping Manifests

Temando allows you to view and print shipping manifests for the day’s freight collections. Manifests can be viewed on screen and printed for record keeping and warehouse dispatch.

To access shipping manifests:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Orders > Carrier Pickups 
  2. Manifests are listed for the day you’re viewing and for the next 2 days. Information is broken down into the following columns:
  • Quantity of packages per carrier pickup
  • Carrier and notes pertaining to the pickup; links to customer orders contained within the pickup
  • AM / PM time indicator to assist larger warehouses who’s pickups may be staggered
  • Cog button drop-down menu list to Print Label, Print Invoice and Print Packing Slip
  • Carrier pickups are indicated via small orange dots on the large calendar display.

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