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Good web content

The beauty of the Site Builder is that you can update and edit your web content as often as you like. Here are a few tips to help you to continually improve the content on your website to ensure that it is a successful marketing tool.

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  1. Clearly explain what you do


  1. I heard that it is good to use big text to attract attention. Is that true?

Clearly explain what you do


Don't waste the main heading or first sentence on a page with a generic phrase such as 'Welcome to our site'.

If customers and search engines can't figure out what you offer in the first heading and sentences, they will move on.

Clearly explain in text what products and services you offer and the regions you service, using your clients' language. Search engines are not good at 'reading between the lines' so be specific. Remember that they cannot 'read' images and animations, so your text has to compensate for the visual cues that the search engines miss.

Do this:

Limousine Hire in Melbourne

Travelling by chauffeur-driven limousine adds that magical touch to your wedding, school formal or special event. Johnson's Hire has been offering professional limousine services in Melbourne for 20 years and we will ensure that you arrive on time and in style. Book a limo or stretch limo today.

Don't do this:


Johnson's Hire is a family-owned business and has been offering professional service for 20 years. Call us today to make a booking, or click here.

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I heard that it is good to use big text to attract attention. Is that true?

In print marketing (newspapers, billboards, pamphlets) it is common practice to use large font sizes to attract attention. This is traditionally because print advertising vies for people's attention among many other forms of advertising. 

Once a visitor is at your website, you already have their attention so your most important task is to provide them with the information that they need quickly and easily. 

The most effective way to do this is to be thrifty with your screen space and make important information available without requiring a visitor to scroll down the page.  Frequently use headings that are slightly larger than the general paragraph text and create lots of paragraphs so that visitors can scan your content easily.


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